Empire State of Mind remix with Nas?

Word to illseed, it seems like Empire State of Mind is getting the remix treatment with none other then Nas. If y’all remember correctly, the web was buzzing when a first draft of Blueprint 3’s tracklist leaked on the Internet. Nas was supposed to appear on Empire State of Mind, and if I remember correctly, it was without my future ex-wife, Alicia Keys. Nas & Jay-Z on a same track? All day, err’day!  I hope Hov will get his shit together for this remix cause his verses to the original song are incoherent much like Run This Town, random shit put together. Y’all already know what you’re getting with Nas, he’ll definitely be on his “A” game. Plus it’ll be a good look for Hip Hop, everybody’s already riding hard to this song, so a remix with some ill lyrics by God’s Son is always good.


~ by ChalupaFiend on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Empire State of Mind remix with Nas?”

  1. Yeah for real, the empire state of mind remix wit Nas is definitely going to be a banger. Jay and Nas, damn thats some real good staff as opposed to the beef they had back in the years. Well with Jay-Z we all know that he’s a great rapper, and Nas, he is just the realest, he never left a hip-hop fan disappointed either. So big-ups for the New York Kings. My congrats goes to them and we all hoping for the next best thing for all the fans with a ‘Hip-Hop State Of Mind’!

    • Yeah I concur. This remix is gonna be like a lyrical contest between these two titans. And like you said, it’s gonna be a good look for New York!

      On another note, how did you find my blog? Just started today and you’re the first to comment. Congrats to you.

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