Snoop Dogg on gangbangers outside of Killafornia

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There’s an interesting article on HipHopWired of Snoop D-O-Double-G on gangbangers outside of Killafornia. You can find it here. But here are a couple of interesting excerpts:

“Then, when you find a young rapper who takes on the gangbang mode, who ain’t from California, and he goes to California, and some real n*ggas ride up on him from the other side, it’s like ‘N*gga, what you was claiming?  We done already did our YouTube research on you and all that.  You flaggin that sh*t and you ain’t really a real one?’”

“I’ve always expressed on songs that if you come to L.A., you need to come get at a couple of people, I’m one of them.  If you don’t get at me, you’re in trouble.”

I’ve always had issues with rappers claiming to be Cs or Bs, when they’re not from Cali cause you never know if it’s real or not, but of course that doesn’t mean that every West coast rapper that claims affiliation means he really is. Let me explain. This gangbanging shit started in California and a lot of californian rappers are/were affiliated with this lifestyle; Snoop Dogg and WC were/are Crip members, DJ Quik and Mac 10 were/are Blood members. All had facts and historical background to back this up, plus all hailing from of Cali. So when it was cool to be gangbangin’ in Hip Hop, a lot of rappers started to claim sets even though they never had before.

Lil Wayne for example started to claim Piru on Tha Carter even though he never said or did anything before. Does that mean he started gangbangin’ when he was 22? GTFOH. Dude was already rich and always had money since he was 12-13 years old when Birdman took him under his wings (no pun intended). Why the hell would someone join a gang at 22 when he has a career and money? Street cred? Yay… Dude started to gangbang hard (pause) on wax between Tha Carter 2 and 3. Screaming SUWOOP on stage, rapping all red everything and blah blah blah. Dude doesn’t have facts or historical background to back this up, and makes this look like some clown shit.

I mean you can claim your set, Bs, Cs or whatever, BUT you got to have some sort of credibility to back everything you claim. Weezy was confronted in Cali by Crips, if I remember it was Spider Loc and some of his entourage, last year. Dude wouldn’t come out of his car and never ever addressed the subject. With his mainstream exposure and constant blood braggings, a lot of teenage kids thinks it’s cool to randomly claim sets. As Snoop says in the interview:

“These youngsta’s that’s in it right now don’t understand the consequences.  They don’t realize that their life is on the line every five minute.”

All I’m saying is that, I have issues with rappers starting claiming to be Bloods or Crips just because it appeals to the audience and that without any historical background or facts backing everything up. Myself being from Switzerland, the only things I know about gangs are through Hip Hop and the Internet, but I do know that gangs were created for a purpose and not to be clowned like some random Internet rappers started doing in these last few years. I’m not saying that I support gangs neither but if you claim something, you’ve got to be 100 about it. Let’s keep it trill people.


Ambitious phone by Else, the First Else

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The company Else is trying to change the OS game with the Intuition OS as shown here in their first phone, First Else. So it’s the Else First Else? Yeah confusing I know. Why not just First or better, another name. Anyhow their goal is to kill the idea of having a main menu by having a fan-like menu which, I think, can be accessed anywhere in the phone. Neat idea. But, where’s the love for lefties like myself and Lucky Lefty aka Jay-Z? One of their mottos is to have the phone adapt to you and not the other way around. Can they take on Apple, Google, Palm and RIM? The future will tell. More on it and video at Gizmodo.

Last Orgy 2 Stadium Jacket

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Nice stadium jackets. That’s what’s hot at the moment, every streetwear brand has released their own take on the stadium/varsity jacket. Dopest ones I’ve seen so far are from Liful, which I bought not long ago, and from Brooklyn Circus, which I really want.


Last Orgy 2 Stadium Jacket

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Empire State of Mind remix with Nas?

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Word to illseed, it seems like Empire State of Mind is getting the remix treatment with none other then Nas. If y’all remember correctly, the web was buzzing when a first draft of Blueprint 3’s tracklist leaked on the Internet. Nas was supposed to appear on Empire State of Mind, and if I remember correctly, it was without my future ex-wife, Alicia Keys. Nas & Jay-Z on a same track? All day, err’day!  I hope Hov will get his shit together for this remix cause his verses to the original song are incoherent much like Run This Town, random shit put together. Y’all already know what you’re getting with Nas, he’ll definitely be on his “A” game. Plus it’ll be a good look for Hip Hop, everybody’s already riding hard to this song, so a remix with some ill lyrics by God’s Son is always good.


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First post for my first blog.  So what is this blog about? I don’t know, just a bunch of random things I find on the Internet put together in one place. Why ChalupaFiend? Why not? I love chalupa, especially from Taco Bell. Hmm… Taco Bell… If only we had one in Switzerland. Plus chalupa is slang for money so there you have it, I love money.

Hello world!

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